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So, it's another day off and spending this one lazy in bed. Have been very tired the last couple of days and think I deserve a day in.

Have had a good week at work and have to thank Kevin that now has been with us for 2 weeks and helping out. Tomorrow Natalia is back in the game and we are going back to the original team again. Have been missing her a lot and I'm looking forward to hear all the Sweden stories ;)

Have a good day everybody

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So one more week at the hotel is done and guests are going home tomorrow and new ones will come. 
It has been a week with an audience that is constantly cheering us on and they've been literally treeting us like rock stars. Must say that it has been great, and I loved every seccond. 

Now we are looking forward for a new week and to meet the new guests. 
And this week we have a stand in variety artist here. Kevin! Such a nice and good guy. Love to work with professionals :). 

Tomorrow will be a day off in the sun (hopefully). The weather better treat me right this time :).

Sleep tight folks :)

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So it's been 1 year since Steve & I decided to be a couple. This year has gone so fast but it also feels like we have known each other for 10 years. Can proudly say that I've found my soulmate. It maybe sounds cheesy but he makes me happy every day and he treats me like a princess, so I'm actually the luckiest girl in the world. 
So lets celebrate the year that has been and to many many more to come <3


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Have just had a weekend with my friend Therese here on holiday. Therese was working here last year and it was wonderful to finally see her again. And sp amazing to do a show and see her in the audience. Therese was the girl that saw every show last year so it has been very special. 

Now it's a new week ahead and we are gonna get Kevin here, working instead of Natalia that's going on holiday.Gonna be fun , and a lot of work this week. but will miss our lovely Natalia ;). 

Other than that, it has been a day off today and we have had a team dinner. Home now and will cuddle up in bed watching the new ¨beck¨- movie whilst waiting for my love to finish work :)

Ciao :)

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So as you've noticed, the blog has been down for a while. Have been working 24/7 around christmas and new years. Now 1 week in 2015 I'm ready again for new challenges and to work even harder. 

In december we made our own christmas show that we were performing 3 times. It went so good and we have got so many great comments from it. It took a lot of work to do it but it was definitely worth it :) 
On new years we were working for around 4 hours to make a special night for the guests. 
It has been fun, but now - back to business, and the normal schedule. 

Working with a lot of exciting stuff at the moment. You will find out soon :)


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