2015 > 06

Work has been done on the "Sarah Müller showreel 2015" and will be posted shortly ;). 

Also rehearsing songs at the moment and taking suggestions and ideas as well as requests :). 


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So I've been back in Lanzarote for a week and it's been very hectic from day 1. The days have been filled and I haven't got any time for rest so now it's one off :). I challenge myself and we will see where everything will lead me in the end. 

Hope everyone back in Sweden is well despite the weather. I miss you all loads. I totally wish that I could be in two places at the same time. 

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It's day 1. First day for many things. Maybe I will succeed, and maybe i will fail. But at least I'm trying, and I am doing my best to get everything I've ever dreamt of and be as happy as only Sarah can be!
Wish me luck


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