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I'm so happy that its working so good to call for free with apps like Viber, Skype and Facetime this days.
When you live so far away from your family and closest friends it's really needed to be able to keep in contact. 
Had a lovely chat with the best parents in the world today. Thank you for always supporting me and making me happy. I love you both and i hope i can get home for just some days to have this dinners that we are talking about. 

Love xxx

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Me and my boyfriend Steve had a day off the other night. We spend it in the absolute best way. Dinner and drinks!
We went to a lovely restaurant called La casa brigida, and it's placed in Marina rubicon in Playa Blanca. 

I ate King prawns with aspargus and cured ham. So great! 
Truly recommend it!


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Got a new pair for my selection.
Tried something new.

What do you think? :)


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This is where I'm working today. Not bad, right? ;)


Rehearsing the show "Rat pack" right now. A great show filled with jazz music. You gotta love it!


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Found some great stuff in Puerto del Carmen the other day. 
Need to share :)

Top and dress from Pink banana, skirt from Pimkie!


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I woke up today and i thought..what happened?
How could it go that wrong?
Disappointment and fear are my biggest emotions today.

It's double up. First of all - it's a shame that 8 years of trying to get Swedens on it's feet again it's just thrown away.

and the second thing that a lot of people is asking today - how could a party with racist views get that many votes?
I think that something we have forgot is that all these 13% that's been voting for SD is not racist. They want a change and they look at it as an easy option to vote for this party. We actually have a big problem in Sweden right now. We really need to fight against the racism. BUT... we need to start to open our eyes and think again. Why did this people vote like this?  Start to work with the problem we have  - integration and immigration politics!
Do not neglect 13% of the people, and do not hate! ask yourself instead - why and start to work against it. Remember that this is a democracy! 

and please get the alliance back! We need people that is willing to do something!

It's gonna be interesting to follow the politics in Sweden right now and one thing that's for sure.. it's not over yet!


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So.. I'm having a few weeks off so i'm spending this thursday night in front of the TV. Movies are on the list!

Need to recommend the great movie "The Internship". I'm sure that most of you have probably already seen it, but for you that knows Sarah...she is a bit late with this kind of stuff. But I'm catching up and i must say that its a lovely comedy and the context is -  follow your dream!
Just in my taste. 

A movie from 2013 with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Watch it!


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Got a lot of great reactions of my new website. Thanks to everyone!! I'm really happy about how it looks right now and gonna write in my blog as much as i can!

Love to you all <3

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Hello peeps, 

Wanna share pictures of the lovely shoes i bought yesterday. I'm in love with them!! Really comfortable and doesn't cost a fortune.

For you Lanzarote people. Buy them at Fund Grube. 
They have their shops in all the canary islands. 

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New and fresh website is up. Translated to english and a completely new design! Enjoy :)

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