Wish it was just as the title says - the big break. But no, it's just a long holiday! ;)

Normally singing at this amazing cocktail bar in Playa Blanca. The news is that it is gonna be even more amazing. oh yes! They are doing a big refurb and i can't wait till it opens again and to sing on the new stage. + it will have 2 stages which is great :).
But until then I've decided to have a longer break. Was working a lot last year, and will be a lot of work coming up this year, so I take the opportunity to rest my voice, body and soul for a while. Have spent a long time in Sweden which was sooo nice. Could catch up with family and some friends. It't not often i get the chance to do that. 
Last week I've just been home in the house in Lanzarote and trying to rest my terrible flu off that I've had for almost A MONTH?!?
It's looks to finally start leaving my body now tho which I'm so thankful of. 

For the next upcoming weeks I will rehearse some new songs, chill in the sun, upload some new music and just enjoy the moment.


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...That's what I'm doing right now. 
Have lots of different projects going on and so many fun things happening. 
Work is great at the moment. Have lots of gigs and it's so amazing to meet happy people every day that wants to dance and enjoy themselves. I'm truly lucky to explore this every day!

Also have many visitors coming over to Lanzarote this autumn, which i love. 
My father is here at the moment and I'm loving every minute. I'm so fortunate to have my parents over so much to visit me. In just over 2 weeks my great aunt will be here and later this autumn it will be my broher and his girlfriend. Perfect couple of months :)

Steve, my father and I went yesterday to a lovely place called "lagomar" here in Lanzarote. It's a house from the artist "ceasar manrique" which was very famous here. 
The setting was amazing and it was so much to explore. 
We finished the afternoon in the restaurant "Los Aljibes" which was sooo lovely! A must for everyone on the island! 


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Yes! It's one of those days where I combine a lot of things to be as productive as I can in one day.
Trying to learn a couple of new songs for tomorrows "tropical night" in the 4 moon bar in Princesa Yaiza, where one of the songs is in portuguise. Impossible? not at all. My singing to Eurovisions songs as a child finally pays off, haha! I used to sing a long to songs in all different languages, so i might have learnt something on the way.. ;)

The weather in Lanzarote keeps being amazing. The crazy Calima is over, but not the summer heat. Was just at the gym and the sweat on my top afterwards is not a joke! 
Definitely not complaining. Loving this summer feelings and I'm gonna try to hold on to it as long as I can and make the most of it! 

Day off yesterday, and me & Steve went with his parents to this lovely restaurant in Lanis luxury suites in Puerto del Carmen. It's absolutely amazing! Great food and the surroundings is lovely! A must for everyone to try! 

Tonight I'm back in work again. Marea Terraza it is. Who is coming to join for some dancing and trying great cocktails? Hope to see you there. And remember you can now see me there 5 nights a week. Mondays, Wednedays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 
2 nights with the lovely Steve and 3 nights with the fabulous Andrea!

See you around xxx


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It has been a very busy weekend with lots of work, planning and birthday parties. Have had an amazing time and hope that everyone has enjoyed their time in Marea this weekend!

Now I have a day off, and i start planning for the weekend ahead that i will spend in Sweden. Very exciting!
Going on one of my best friends wedding, gonna sort out my apartment, sell furnitures, going to a theatre, and see my siblings and nephews. all in 4 days! crazy, but so much fun!

Wish everyone an exciting week ahead :)


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Middle of July. How does the time go that fast?
This time is the best time in Lanzarote. But also the busiest time of the year. The high season is coming and it's great for work. Also mean we are working almost double as hard. But I love it. The gigs in the evening are full with people that are in a lovely holiday mode and they are really enjoying themselves. 
Just love that feeling when everybody are up dancing when we sing and you can see that people are really happy! It's great!

Getting to learn new songs all the time and would love suggestions or requests, just keep them coming. 
Also would love to know what people that are coming down to Lanzarote this season? Always great to have people coming back a couple of times in the year! That's really a huge positive in this job. I get to meet so many great people from the world. I'm so lucky!

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Today, one week ago, me & Steve had our last drink on our holiday at Hard Rock Café in Stockholm. Holiday went way to fast, but can't believe how much we experienced in 10 days. 
A beautiful wedding outside Arskesund, driving a great car for hours and meeting reindeers, dads birthday party with family and friends, Stockholm, meeting friends, shopping, watching Justin Bieber, David Guetta, axwell Ingrosso and so many others. The list can be made very long. 

Now we are back in Lanzarote again and ready for the busy summer! As much as i love being in Sweden - i love singing here next to the sea and palmtrees surrounded by happy tourists! 
Life is good

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It's the 11th of May! How did that happen? Time goes way to fast.

So, this is according to me one of the best weeks of the year as I love everything about Eurovision! I sat ready on the Tuesday evening with my score sheets and wine. Tonight it's the semi-final 2! I'm on the stage myself tonight so I will have to watch it afterwards! (Thank god Sweden was singing when I was off). 

Anyway, what did I think about semi 1? I must say that it's so dissapointing that most of the songs this year is really bad. Does anyone want to win? 
Sweden started the whole competition and I know I'm Swedish, but common, it's the best song by far! He had troubles with the sound and looked a bit nervous but I hope all that will be fixed till saturday. We are competing in the second half of the show then, which is good!
Other than Sweden - well, you gotta love Moldovia. the band "Sunstroke Project" is back in the competition and you can't other than love it! The moves, rhythm, and on top of it the great saxophone!! Definitely in the top for me!
Also loved Cyprus, written by the Swedish Thomas G:son. a typical Eurovision song. Great! 
The rest kind of made me fall asleep unfortunately!

So for tonight? What do we think? Well, Israel is my absolute favorite tonight! That country always seems to get good songs!
Bulgaria is the low oddser this time and we will see how good it will be on stage. Have only seen the music video so far so it will be interesting. I do like the song from Denmark, Ireland and Norway. Hope they all get through!

Cross fingers tonight for Israel and have a lovely Eurovision time :)

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Dessa 6 veckor har gått otroligt snabbt och nu är det redan dags för den stora finalen i Melodifestivalen!

Vem eller vilka hejar ni på?

För min del står detta mellan Robin, Wiktoria och Nano. Robin är min stora favorit som jag tror skulle göra bäst ifrån sig i Eurovision Song Contest!

Jag och mina vänner har laddat upp med dricka, ost, oliver, morötter och dipp etc inför kvällen! Vad är egentligen det bästa mello-snackset? :D

Hoppas ni alla får en trevlig mellokväll!! Må bäste man/kvinna/grupp vinna :)


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I lördags gick den sista deltävlingen av melodifestivalen av stapeln! Åter igen så sätts de bästa bidragen i 2 deltävlingar och de andra 2 deltävlingarna blir väldigt svaga! 

Chocken denna veckan att Loreen inte tog sig till final var total. Trots det så ligger hon trea på betting-listorna över att vinna hela mello. Hoppas bara hon tar sig till final! Om hon inte tar sig vidare över Anton Hagman, då är det något som absolut är fel. Visst, jag förstår att inte alla förstår hennes nummer elle kan ta till sig det, men det är konst på en helt annan nivå enligt mig!
Och hennes röst är exeptionell!

Älskade låten "Running with lions" denna vecka, men tråkigt nog så höll inte Alice måttet sångmässigt. Annars var denna låten en av mina favoriter detta året. 
Wiktoria var precis som förra året väldigt duktig och jag tror absolut att hon kommer ligga i toppen i finalen. 
Älskade Axel och hans låt och tycker det är fantastiskt roligt att det går så bra för honom!

Tråkigt att en skrikande tjej med tillhörande jojk går vidare till final, och jag ber till gud att det inte går bra för dom i finalen! 

Denna veckan är det "andra chansen". den minst intressanta veckan enligt mig. Men samtidigt ska det bli spännande att se vilka som går vidare till finalen!

Ha en bra schlagervecka allihop och kom ihåg att det nu går att lyssna på alla bidragen på spotify, och skivan är ute för försäljning! 



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Ja, Donald Trump blev ju förvånad över vad som hände i Sverige på lördagskvällen, och jag måste säga att jag är lika chockad jag. Men glad! Owe Thörnqvist GICK VIDARE! Herregud vilken chock! Förstår att detta blev en världnyhet!
Inte är det alla 87åringar som kan rocka på mello-scenen! Bra gjort, och helt rätt att han gick vidare! Också Robin Bengtsson var en given vinnare. Tyckte att han hade alla rätt, och detta är en definitiv potentiell vinnare för mig i finalen. Dock förstår jag inte varför det ska vara så mycket svärande i texterna detta året. Sverige måste vara en av de få länder som faktiskt accepterar detta, vilket är väldigt synd. Tror mestadels av tittarna är barn, så det är otroligt opassande att använda sådana ord på bästa sändningstid!! Storbrittanien går med gott exempel och förbjuder allt sådant språk på TV innan klockan 9 på kvällen! BRA!

MEN - Robin har dock redan ändrat på texten, och kommer här med att sjunga "frickin beautiful". Bättre?

Så alltså för att återgå till ämnet. Finalisterna var på pricken, men vad hände med tjejerna? Krista och Jasmine blev helt utslagna? Synd enligt min mening, då jag absolut föredrar dom före både pojkband och kille med gitarr! Synd! 

Mellannumren då? Ja, Jag kommer alltid att älska alcazar. Synd att den tredje var så olikt Andreas Lundstedt bara. 
Ingen förbättring på varken manus eller idé för denna deltävling. Än en gång - Synd!

Så ja, här sitter vi och har bara 1 deltävling kvar. Hur kan det gå så fort? 
På lördag kommer väll den uträknade vinnaren - Loreen? Också förra årets favorit Wiktoria dyker upp. Sara Varga är tillbaka i tävlingen (troligtvis blir min underbara vän Andréas väldigt glad av detta), och Alice från idol gör debut. Sen får vi se vad Jon Henrik Fjällgren kommer att ställa upp med för låt. Var en av dom som avskydde hans låt när han var med för 2 år sen!

Ha en bra schlagervecka allihop :)


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