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Got this beauties delivered yesterday! Love them already! Really comfortable and a classic style. Can wear them with everything!
Buy them at nelly.com - only 200 skr or 20 euros :).
Now on my way to beautiful Helsingborg for some quality time with my nearest


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Today is a day by the piano.. practise practise practise..

The sun is shining and the spring is really here in Sweden. Love this weather.The air is so fresh and the sun is out til late in the evening. Have missed Sweden..
Is it possible to bring the piano outside? ;)

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So the season is finished and everything is packed and done. Last show was amazing and everything ended up with tears. It has been an amazing season with a lot of good memories to take. 
The best thing has absolutely been the great christmasshow that we made. Memories forever! Thank you my lovely team for this months and i really hope to see you soon again and who knows...maybe work together in the future again?

Now I'm back in Sweden for some recovering and planning for what's ahead. It's exciting but of course also a bit nerve. 
I said recover but loads of fun stuff is going on at the moment and I barely have time for rest.But have had some time with family and met my beautiful nephew. 

Lots of things are going on and are around the corner. 
Must say that it is amazing to come home to the beautiful country Sweden and the summer weather that is going on at the moment. Lovely!


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