2015 > 05

Lots of things has been going on the last couple of weeks. Audition, apartment and all kind of stuff. Now a couple of weeks are waiting with not a lot of things planned, and I must say it's kind of difficult. Difficult to relax. Finding it quite hard to not have lots of things and stress to do. Sure tho that I will manage ;).

So .. Spending my time in the new apartment, excersising, watching one of my favorite series Sex and the city, singing and most important..Cooking and baking like never before ;). Never taking so much pictures of food like I do these days :p. 

Missing my other half and can't wait to see him in a couple of weeks and starting new adventures together :).

Happy Tuesday folks

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First of May and I'm sitting in my parents house in the southest of Sweden and having a inspiration sesh while the rain is pouring down outside. 
This lady is pretty good ;)

Hope you swedes had a great valborg yesterday and didn't got too drunk. I was celebrating with the family myself, gorging away in a three-course meal ;)


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