2015 > 09

It's September.. Where did the time go? The summer passed very quickly. Even tho the summer in Lanzarote is considered to last longer. Here the summer is going strong til October..and then the sunny winter starts.
It's weird to live somewhere where the seasons doesn't exist. It's summer all year long more or less. I know that all of you in Sweden or UK, Germany and Ireland are thinking know that i definetely shouldn't moan about that, and don't worry, i will not. at least not for long ;)
But i can't help but thinking that the thing that i miss about winter is actually mostly the fashion in that time. Just love when the autumn comes and everybody goes out to find the winter jacket and the perfect boots for the season. Maybe you buy those new leather gloves that you love, or why not this new bag that your'e always looking at in the storefront? Or maybe you just hang on with those UGG's one more winter? 
The colors goes more to brown and grey and when you feel sorry for yourself when it's freezing cold? Why not go out and treat yourself in your favorite shop?.

Anyway, September is here, and the thoughts about the winter starts, at least for me. I have visions, dreams and goals that i want to fulfill. Of course i hope that my winter dreams come true and i have the wish of being able to do everything i wanna do. What will happen? Think we have to wait and see. But what i do know, is that it will be an adventure. 


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