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Is this the guy that is winning Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Not Many hours left, and we will know ;)

Russia, Australia, Bulgaria, Belgium & Malta are probably in the top. Can't wait to see. 

The wine is getting cold in the fridge, and the snacks is ready! First a Sarah & Colleen show, and then I will watch this amazing event :) 


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Everyone that knows me, knows that I'm a nerd and a massive fan about The Eurovision Song Contest. 
Like I've said before - this is huge in Sweden.The papers are full with Eurovision, Most of the people are watching it, and even the people that say they don't - the do!
There is "Eurovision partys" and you probably find advice in social media and in the papers on how you make the "Perfect Eurovision week". 
It's all glitter and glamour!

My boyfriend is from the UK, and most of the people that I'm around are from the UK or Spain. Here the interest is as much as 0. For me that is so strange. Have never watched Eurovision before and not have people around to discuss it with. 
Lucky as I am, I have a boyfriend that likes my nerdiness and supports all the crazyiness in my Eurovision love. 
Other than that - It's straight on the phone back to my nerds in Sweden after each competition.

So, the first Semi-final was held this Tuesday. I really think that Sweden did an amazing job with the show. This I say without beeing biased, i promise. 
Måns & Petra did a great job and the whole production was really good.
The middle act was absolutley amazing!.
Also think that the songs are really high standard this year. 
From last semi -final  I had 2 favourites - Iceland and Malta. Only Malta got through to the final. Feel really sorry for Iceland that had a great song and performance.
Everybody is talking about Russia this year - and I'm sure they will win. It's a really good number - even though I think they stole a lot from Måns in last years Eurovision.

The second semi-final will be held tonight in the globe, Stockholm.
What's my favourites for tonight then? Okay, first - Australia! Of course, and always! Once again they come to Eurovision with a great song and really good singer (Even though last years was a step better).
Other than that i have Bulgaria and Belgium as my big favourites tonight.

Do you have any favourites?
Will be an exciting evening ahead ;)


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