2016 > 11

I think it's acceptable to start with the christmas preperations in the middle of November! My poor boyfriend has to deal with my craziness! Christmas music, Christmas movies, Planning of parties, baking, presents and decoration! I go absolutely mad at this time of the year, and I'm truly lucky to have found a man that can deal with me around december! He deserves the best presents ever!

Around Christmas it's also my birthday, so is Steve's, my sister and some of my best friends! So you can imagine how busy it gets. Talking about how much money i spend. I don't want to even think about it. 

The best thing about this time of the year is that people get together and have fun. We light the candles in the dark and cuddle up in blankets! It's the best! And yes - it does get colder here in Lanzarote too. I do use jumpers and christmas socks in the night!! 
It's nothing compare to the snow in Stockholm right now, but still!

So today, whilst fixing and working with stuff, I have christmas music in the background. And one of my absolute favourites is this song by the great Kristian Hermanson. The song is called "A merry christmas to you"! - enjoy! 

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