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It's the 11th of May! How did that happen? Time goes way to fast.

So, this is according to me one of the best weeks of the year as I love everything about Eurovision! I sat ready on the Tuesday evening with my score sheets and wine. Tonight it's the semi-final 2! I'm on the stage myself tonight so I will have to watch it afterwards! (Thank god Sweden was singing when I was off). 

Anyway, what did I think about semi 1? I must say that it's so dissapointing that most of the songs this year is really bad. Does anyone want to win? 
Sweden started the whole competition and I know I'm Swedish, but common, it's the best song by far! He had troubles with the sound and looked a bit nervous but I hope all that will be fixed till saturday. We are competing in the second half of the show then, which is good!
Other than Sweden - well, you gotta love Moldovia. the band "Sunstroke Project" is back in the competition and you can't other than love it! The moves, rhythm, and on top of it the great saxophone!! Definitely in the top for me!
Also loved Cyprus, written by the Swedish Thomas G:son. a typical Eurovision song. Great! 
The rest kind of made me fall asleep unfortunately!

So for tonight? What do we think? Well, Israel is my absolute favorite tonight! That country always seems to get good songs!
Bulgaria is the low oddser this time and we will see how good it will be on stage. Have only seen the music video so far so it will be interesting. I do like the song from Denmark, Ireland and Norway. Hope they all get through!

Cross fingers tonight for Israel and have a lovely Eurovision time :)

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