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Middle of July. How does the time go that fast?
This time is the best time in Lanzarote. But also the busiest time of the year. The high season is coming and it's great for work. Also mean we are working almost double as hard. But I love it. The gigs in the evening are full with people that are in a lovely holiday mode and they are really enjoying themselves. 
Just love that feeling when everybody are up dancing when we sing and you can see that people are really happy! It's great!

Getting to learn new songs all the time and would love suggestions or requests, just keep them coming. 
Also would love to know what people that are coming down to Lanzarote this season? Always great to have people coming back a couple of times in the year! That's really a huge positive in this job. I get to meet so many great people from the world. I'm so lucky!

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Today, one week ago, me & Steve had our last drink on our holiday at Hard Rock Café in Stockholm. Holiday went way to fast, but can't believe how much we experienced in 10 days. 
A beautiful wedding outside Arskesund, driving a great car for hours and meeting reindeers, dads birthday party with family and friends, Stockholm, meeting friends, shopping, watching Justin Bieber, David Guetta, axwell Ingrosso and so many others. The list can be made very long. 

Now we are back in Lanzarote again and ready for the busy summer! As much as i love being in Sweden - i love singing here next to the sea and palmtrees surrounded by happy tourists! 
Life is good

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