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Yes! It's one of those days where I combine a lot of things to be as productive as I can in one day.
Trying to learn a couple of new songs for tomorrows "tropical night" in the 4 moon bar in Princesa Yaiza, where one of the songs is in portuguise. Impossible? not at all. My singing to Eurovisions songs as a child finally pays off, haha! I used to sing a long to songs in all different languages, so i might have learnt something on the way.. ;)

The weather in Lanzarote keeps being amazing. The crazy Calima is over, but not the summer heat. Was just at the gym and the sweat on my top afterwards is not a joke! 
Definitely not complaining. Loving this summer feelings and I'm gonna try to hold on to it as long as I can and make the most of it! 

Day off yesterday, and me & Steve went with his parents to this lovely restaurant in Lanis luxury suites in Puerto del Carmen. It's absolutely amazing! Great food and the surroundings is lovely! A must for everyone to try! 

Tonight I'm back in work again. Marea Terraza it is. Who is coming to join for some dancing and trying great cocktails? Hope to see you there. And remember you can now see me there 5 nights a week. Mondays, Wednedays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 
2 nights with the lovely Steve and 3 nights with the fabulous Andrea!

See you around xxx


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