Wish it was just as the title says - the big break. But no, it's just a long holiday! ;)

Normally singing at this amazing cocktail bar in Playa Blanca. The news is that it is gonna be even more amazing. oh yes! They are doing a big refurb and i can't wait till it opens again and to sing on the new stage. + it will have 2 stages which is great :).
But until then I've decided to have a longer break. Was working a lot last year, and will be a lot of work coming up this year, so I take the opportunity to rest my voice, body and soul for a while. Have spent a long time in Sweden which was sooo nice. Could catch up with family and some friends. It't not often i get the chance to do that. 
Last week I've just been home in the house in Lanzarote and trying to rest my terrible flu off that I've had for almost A MONTH?!?
It's looks to finally start leaving my body now tho which I'm so thankful of. 

For the next upcoming weeks I will rehearse some new songs, chill in the sun, upload some new music and just enjoy the moment.


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