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Så jag har varit tillbaka från julfirandet i Sverige i några dagar nu, och har haft fullt upp hela tiden. Hade det helt underbart och magiskt över Jul, och jag saknar familjen, vännerna och Sverige redan. 

Veckorna i December har varit absolut fantastiska. Både jag & Steve har firat våra födelsedagar riktigt stort. Dock fick jag också en hemsk ögoninfektion under samma tid, som nu är över i alla fall (tack och lov). Jag åkte till Sverige, hade en lång resa med 2 mellanlandningar och förlorade väskan på köpet. En otrolig stressig känsla när man inte vet om man får tillbaka den eller ej, men som tur var så dök den upp igen efter några dagar. 
Det bakades i massor, Vi drack och åt och skrattade hela veckan. Jag hann med en sen födelsedagsfest med vänner och familj, köpte julklappar, pyntade och hade uppesittarkväll. Tack allihopa för en fantastisk vecka!

Kom tillbaka till Lanzarote för några dagar sedan och har då firat jul med min älskade man. Utan att avslöja vad jag har fått - jag har blivit absolut bortskämd till tusen!!
Så imorgon är det nyårsafton - eller tekniskt sett idag. Vart tog detta året vägen? 

Hoppas ni alla har haft en underbar jul och att ni ser fram emot det nya året!


I've been back from my Christmas holiday in Sweden for a couple of days now and been busy busy all way through.
Had such a great time over Christmas and missing the family, friends and Sweden already. 
It has been some busy couple of weeks. Both me & Steve have had our birthdays with lots of celebrations. I also got a horrible eye infection at the same time, which I'm now without (Thank god). I went to Sweden and had a very long journey with 2 stops on the way. Lost my bag and stressed out with not knowing if I ever would get it back, but finally did at least :).
The Christmas in Sweden was full of celebrations, food, drinks and laughter. 
Had a late birthday party, baking christmas candy, shopping gifts, decorating and rhyming. It was absoluteley a blast! Thanks to everyone that was involved !

Got back to Lanzarote and had a Christmas celebration with my man and it's been perfect! Been absoluteley spoilt rotten all way through. Such a lucky girl.
Tomorrow it's new years eve - or technically today. Can't believe it has gone so quick. 

Hope all of you have had a great Christmas and that you are ready for tomorrow :).


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Today is the big Swedish tradition called Lucia :). To get in the Lucia mood i started the day with watching the lucia event on svtplay.se and then Me & Steve went to buy some ginger bread :). 
Later in the evening I was visiting the team at flamingo beach and were watching their Lucia "parade". Was great to get the feeling of being in Sweden :). 
I finished the day off with a gig at the cocktail bar Marea, were me & Andrea were singing lots of christmas songs :). 
So i've really had a blast :).

How did you celebrate Lucia? Any baking? any lussebullar involved? Lucia concerts?


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It's the 12th of december.
First of it means that we are halfway to christmas now, and i can't wait ;). 
second of - It's my wonderful big sisters birthday today. I'm absolutely gutted that i can't be there to celebrate her today, but will meet her in a week and that's gonna be amazing :).

Third of, the genius musician and inspiration Frank Sinatra would have turned 100 years today. 

So this day is all to celebrate!!! I'm still unwell tho so have to celebrate with a tea or something, haha :).
Hope all of you are having a great saturday and enjoy the weekend with your loved ones :)


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It's the 9th of December. 
Lanzarote is very quiet at the moment. The weather isn't what it should be and that makes everybody very laid back. 

I've spent my wednesday with doing some christmas secrets, but best of all, I've had what we would call in Sweden - a "fika" with my lovely friend Carmen that I've missed so so much. Great to catch up with a wonderful friend :). And for you that don't know what a "fika" is - This is an expression in swedish for going out and socialize, having  a coffee and a cake :). Everybody needs a bit more "fika" in their lives :)

Now - off to sing in Marea. Have a great evening everyone, and remember - It is only 15 days left to Christmas. (16 to Christmas day of course ).


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So I've had a day off today. How did i spend it? the answer is that I've actually been sleeping all day. In one way that's a big shame because the whole day is gone, but in one way i think that is exactly what i needed to get rid of this flu. 
Already feel better and hope that i will feel like the "normal" Sarah again next week :).

So, tonight i will put a christmas movie on and cuddle up with a cup of tea :).
What's the best christmas movies according to you? 
My favorites must be the Home alone 1 & 2, The national Lampoons, The holiday and Love actually. For those of you that are from Sweden - Isn't Tomten är far till alla barnen just an amazing classic? Love it. 
Suggestions of movies are welcome :)

Buy your Christmas movies from the link below :) Great prices and quick delivery :)

Have a great weekend and take care of each other :)


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I think it's at least the third year in a row now that I'm turning out really unwell with a massive flu in the end of November/beginning of December. I don't know how to get away from it. Every year it happens. Tons of tissues, nose sprays and vitamins is whats on my agenda, haha. 
Have gone with this now for a week, and as I'm working as a singer it's pretty hard. You can't just call in sick as in other jobs. 
Was sneezing around 10 times on my gig last night. 

So now I will stop moaning, packing my bag with tissues and get ready for the gig tonight. The show must go on :)

Take care of yourselves out there :) Xx
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Soo, Today have been one of the big christmas shopping days. Have got many presents done and only have a few to go.
Those who know me know that I totally love this! Think it's absolutely more fun to buy than to recieve.  The excitment of giving is amazing. Really hope to make everybody happy and show my appreciation to my loved ones. 

A perfect place to buy your christmas gifts this year is Nelly.com. Have everything from clothes, shoes & accessories and a lot more. Great prices and also very quick shipping. The best thing also is that you can buy all the gifts at home! Order now from the link below ;)


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