Day off

So I've had a day off today. How did i spend it? the answer is that I've actually been sleeping all day. In one way that's a big shame because the whole day is gone, but in one way i think that is exactly what i needed to get rid of this flu. 
Already feel better and hope that i will feel like the "normal" Sarah again next week :).

So, tonight i will put a christmas movie on and cuddle up with a cup of tea :).
What's the best christmas movies according to you? 
My favorites must be the Home alone 1 & 2, The national Lampoons, The holiday and Love actually. For those of you that are from Sweden - Isn't Tomten är far till alla barnen just an amazing classic? Love it. 
Suggestions of movies are welcome :)

Buy your Christmas movies from the link below :) Great prices and quick delivery :)

Have a great weekend and take care of each other :)



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