Now I'm gonna write about something that a lot of people are talking and writing about. Maybe it's a topic that you're quite tired of or maybe it's something that upsets you just as me.
Either way.

The last few weeks i have been helping out working in a bar and i've been starting to think about this a lot.
I can't believe how some men are objectifying women. Not all of them do but a lot of them! It's disqusting, dirty and horrible and I can't believe that this is how it looks like in year 2014. Didn't we get further than that?
I can't express how much nasty comments i get every day in work or even just walking on the street. Everything from how I look til actually taking the rights to touch me. Some are actually making sounds like you're doing towards dogs.  How can that be okay?
I'm sure it happens to men that's working in this kind of environment too but not half as much as to women. 
Both of my jobs are exposing but that doesn't mean that I'ts acceptable. We should NOT just accept it, ignore and move forward.
I'm sure it's very cliche to say, but I'm gonna say it anyway: Please girls, stand up for yourself and don't let anyone bring you down. Enough is enough!

Goodbye to all the haters



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