Energy is slowly coming back!

Woke up much better today and I must say that I'm quite proud of myself that I've been taking care of myself so good. Normally when I'm ill i struggle to take it easy and take care of myself! This time I've been drinking loads of water and tea, and i slept good which made everything slowly disappear. So gone with the feeling - sorry - for -myself-days!!

Spending the day in and working by the computer as the weather is quite depressing today. Had time for a small lunch with Steve at the Ice House and will soon get ready for tonights gig in Puerto del Carmen!
Only have 3 gigs left at this place and will then move on to another venue, which I will tell you about in a couple of days :).

News of the day - Bob Dylan gets the Nobel Prize in litterature? He has done loads for the music and he's defintitely a legend, But has he ever written a book? 
Happy for him, but surprised ;).



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